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Sugarless Dark Chocolate Wafer (11oz)

$16.00 Sugar-Free

Sorry, this product is not available at this time.

The great thing about chocolate is that it can be shaped and crafted into any style - sugarless dark chocolate wafers offer some of the best texture along with great taste. These bite sized wafers are made from our sugar free dark chocolate sweetened with Maltitol packaged in a 9.5 oz container.

As you may already know, eating sugarless chocolate as an alternative to regular chocolate is a good way to maintain healthy teeth and prevent the formation of plaque. Great taste and great health - two pleasures in one!

If you find these sugarless dark chocolate wafers appealing, you might enjoy some of our other dark chocolate products. Our 2 lb. Box Dark Holiday Nonpareils are both stylish and delicious, or you could go with a 1 lb. Box Dark Holiday Nonpareils if you're looking for something smaller.

Did you know?

In the 1930's as Josh Early Candies was establishing itself as a retail business, Josh Early IV made all his chocolates in the basement of his ½ twin house in Reading, PA. When Josh Early V and his wife Marge continued the family business in the 1950's they too sold chocolates out of the basement of their Baumstown, PA residence.

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