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Dark Chocolate Holiday Mint Lentils (16oz)


Sorry, this product is not available at this time.

Stay true to the holidays with our theme-colored holiday mint chocolate lentils. These luxurious candies offer the perfect blend of mint and chocolate to satisfy your palate. Crisp, refreshing, and decorative!

Since these chocolates are smaller, they're easy to take with you and even easier to share. They make for great office treats or stocking stuffers for the kids. If you enjoy making your own homemade chocolate, you can use these holiday mint chocolate lentils to decorate anything you want - just try not to eat them all right away!

Loving the taste of mint? We have many other mint chocolate products, such as our Dark Holiday Mint Bon Bons or our White Holiday Mint Bon Bons. No matter what product you go with, we guarantee you the taste of perfection - it's our mission to only ship chocolate that has the highest quality of ingredients so that you have the opportunity to experience some real, holiday satisfaction!

Did you know?

On September 22, 1986 Josh Early Candies was forced to close the doors of their Hamilton Blvd location to make way for an onramp to the I-78 corridor. The very next day on September 23, 1986 they opened the doors to their new and current location on Tilghman St.

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