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2 lb. Box Milk Holiday Nonpareils (32oz)


Sorry, this product is not available at this time.

Our stylish nonpareils are fantastic treats to celebrate the holidays with! Our 2 lb. box of milk holiday nonpareils are perfect for those who are looking for a hefty box of delicious, high-quality milk chocolate decorated with the colors and themes of the holidays.

Since we strive to only sell chocolate with the best of ingredients, you can expect to have your taste buds lit up by the sincere, homemade-like taste of authentic, genuine cocoa. Our famous 2 lb. box of milk holiday nonpareils is very addictive, so we're willing to take the blame if you find yourself coming back for more!

If you prefer some dark chocolate instead, you should take a look at some of our other nonpareil products, such as our 1 lb. Box Dark Holiday Nonpareils or our 2 lb. Box Dark Holiday Nonpareils. No matter which one you go with, we guarantee you the best of the best! Feel free to browse through all of our selections so you can figure out which one fits your holiday needs.

Did you know?

The origins of Josh Early Candies dates back to 1904 when Josh Early III began selling candy out of his Reading, PA grocery store. 5 generations later, it continues to be a family run business.

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