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2 lb. Box Dark Chocolates (32oz)



There's no question that the best chocolate boxes offer variety, which is why we are passionate about designing assortment products such as the 2 lb. box of dark chocolates. This assortment of dark chocolate covered centers includes a rich selection of creams, caramels, peanut butter, nougats, coconut, and chews (two layers, approximately 40 pieces per pound).

It's our priority to always use authentic, high-quality ingredients when making all of our chocolate. The 2 lb. box of dark chocolates contains some of the most luxurious, deliciously satisfying candy you'll ever bite into! Feel free to spread the joy by giving a box to a loved one as a gift - no matter what you buy from us, we always offer free gift wrapping.

Those who love dark chocolate are welcome to try out some of our other dark chocolate variations, such as our Dark Holiday Mint Bon Bons or our Sugarless Dark Chocolate Wafers. Either way, you can't go wrong - we only ship the best of the batches so that your experience is always a great one. Bon app├ętit!

Did you know?

Josh Early Candies continues to be a family business after selling candies for over 100 years. Our commitment to emulating integrity when selling our products is what makes our chocolate unique.

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