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Dark Mint Patties (6oz)



Some people say that you either have to go with the deliciously gravitating taste of dark chocolate, or the refreshing smoothness of mint flavor. Fortunately, we offer a product that can give you both: dark mint patties!

Delicate, smooth, and showy, our dark mint patties are hidden gems in our chocolate collection. With its soft, luxurious center and sublime peppermint flavor, they're perfect for those times after dinner when you just need something a little sweet but refined.

If you have a sweet tooth for mint, you should definitely try our Holiday Mint Chocolate Lentils or our Dark Holiday Mint Bon Bons. Even better, you can drown your taste buds in some delicious, pure dark chocolate nonpareils with our 2 lb. Box Dark Holiday Nonpareils.

To put the cherry on top, we guarantee you the option to have us gift wrap any product you buy for absolutely free! What better way to buy chocolate for a family member or loved one than to have it gift wrapped with no additional charge?

Did you know?

For over 30 years, "Joan" has been a part of packing every piece of chocolate that is coated on our enrober. On a busy day, we coat over 25,000 pieces of chocolate.

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