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Dark Holiday Mint Bon Bons (5.5oz)


Sorry, this product is not available at this time.

Our delightful dark holiday mint bon bons feature an adorable holiday wreath garnishing the top of each luscious piece of mint candy. Anyone with a hankering for chocolate will appreciate these exquisite bites of heaven. Simply having an open box out on the table during the holidays will add some decorative value to your home (that is until they are gobbled up!). It's no surprise that we're able to guarantee a high-quality of taste no matter what product you choose to go with. We make it a priority to ensure that we only ship chocolate with the best of ingredients so that all of our customers can enjoy the sweet taste of perfection - almost as if it were homemade.

If you love our dark holiday mint bon bons, you might find some of our other dark chocolate products appealing as well. Take a look at our 1 lb. Cup Dark Holiday Nonpareils or our 2 lb. Box Dark Holiday Nonpareils. The style of all our nonpareils will add to any holiday theme!

Did you know?

In 1938 Josh Early IV created all his own packaging and designs which were the foundations of the companies style still used today.

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