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Dark Cordial Cherries (8.5oz)



Once again, we've managed to make fantastic combinations thanks to our commitment to using high-quality ingredients. This time, we're adding dark cordial cherries to our roster. Each one of our dark cordial cherries is a masterful work of art created by an heirloom candy process. Each individual maraschino cherry is spun in a special bowl with a sugar glaze, then hand-dipped in chocolate and, one by one, carefully placed in individual cups. But they aren't ready to eat yet; we still have to wait at least three days until the sugars break down to create our silken cherry cordial liqueur. You just can't rush anything this good - perfection is our priority!

Of course, we know there are plenty of milk chocolate lovers out there, so we offer Milk Cordial Cherries as well. Feel free to ask us to gift wrap your purchase for absolutely free if you're buying this for a friend or family member!

Did you know?

Our dark cordial cherries are panned with a sugar shell before being hand dipped into individual cups. It takes about 3 days for the sugar to break down giving it the cordial (liquid) center our customers have fallen in love with.

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How DO We get the Cordial in our Cherries?

People often ask how we get the liquid inside of our cordial cherries. It's a little known trade secret, but we'll let you in on it! It takes us four days to make one of our Josh Early Cordial Cherries. Here's how we do it: We use whole pitted maraschino cherries, which we inspect for consistency and uniformity. We use a process called "panning" to create a sugary shell around the cherry. This process starts by placing the cherries in a round tumbler that spins... as the cherries tumble round and round we add an extra fine sugar that… Read more

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