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Chocolate Covered Candies


Sorry, this product is not available at this time.

Who knew that the best way to make candy taste even more heavenly was to cover it with more candy? Well, we here at Josh Early Chocolates knew that!

These chocolate covered candies use original recipes developed by Josh Early IV in the 1930's, they have withstood the test of time and are the foundation of our candy company. Each center is made using only the freshest ingredients, and then enrobed in our signature chocolate. Browse through the selections below and we are sure you'll find favorites of your own.

If you like these chocolate covered candies, you might also enjoy our Dark Vanilla Butter Creams and our Milk Cashew Patties. We offer free gift wrapping as well in case you are purchasing our treats as gifts!

Did you know?

Most chocolate lovers vow allegiance to either milk or dark chocolate. A chocolate's cocoa content is what gives it its taste and characteristics and further classifies it as being "milk" or "dark". Milk chocolate has a relatively low cocoa content and is typically sweeter. Dark chocolate has a higher cocoa content and is typically richer and almost bitter. Our milk chocolate has 34% cocoa, our dark chocolate has 53% cocoa and our Ultra Dark chocolate has 72% cocoa.

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