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Caramel Marshmallow Bars (7oz)



Those who love the taste of caramel will be delighted once they take a bite of our caramel marshmallow bars. Soft and chewy bars feature the ideal combination of our vanilla caramel and miniature marshmallows - 6 bars to a tray. This combo makes for an amazing, eccentric taste that can't help pull you in for another bite! Even if you don't traditionally eat caramel, you may just end up adopting a new favorite flavor.

Our caramel marshmallow bars can also be purchased as gifts for a family member or loved one - we always give you the option to have us gift wrap your purchase for absolutely free!

If you're looking for another caramel product, you can always check out our Caramel Corn. We strive to only use the best ingredients out there when making all of our delicious candies - there's no question that you will come back for more after one taste of our prestigious treats!

Did you know?

Josh Early Candies takes pride in the freshness of all its candies and chocolates. It is not uncommon for sugar and other raw materials to be transformed into a finished butter cream that's sitting on our shelf the same day.

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