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7 oz Milk Holiday Nonpareils


Sorry, this product is not available at this time.

There is perhaps nothing more tastefully satisfying during the holidays than some stylish milk chocolate nonpareils. Our 7 oz of milk holiday nonpareils can put the icing on the cake when it comes to your holiday snack food! These red and green nonpareils are made especially for the holiday season and have become a family tradition for so many. The crunchy seeds of our nonpareils are the perfect contrast to our smooth, glossy chocolate creating an unexpected eruption of crunchy sweetness. We guarantee you the highest quality of ingredients so you can enjoy the taste of genuine chocolate, as if it was homemade. We also have dark chocolate alternatives, such as our 2 lb. Box Dark Holiday Nonpareils or our 1 lb. Cup Dark Holiday Nonpareils if you prefer something a little smaller. If you would like to buy an order of our 7 oz of milk holiday nonpareils as a gift for a friend or family member, we offer free gift wrapping for all of our products!

Did you know?

Most chocolate contains many different kinds of antioxidants which promote good health. Some of the benefits of eating chocolate include lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, increased production of endorphins and potential anti-depressant effects.

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