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Treat yourself to these handmade chocolates from Josh Early Candies. This gift box features the perfect introduction to Josh Early Candies. This sampler has something for everyone, including a 3.5 oz Gift Box of Assorted Chocolates, 8.5 oz cup of our signature roasted nuts, 4 oz of our famous Milk and Dark Nonpareils, and a 2 piece sampler box of our milk and dark chocolate mousse.


8.5 oz Assorted Salted Nuts This 8.5 oz. container features lightly salted California almonds, jumbo cashews, macadamia nuts, filberts, walnuts, brazils, and pecans.

3.5 oz Sampler Box of Chocolates 9 pieces of Josh Early's most popular creams and caramels including mint patties, vanilla caramels, peanut butter!

4 oz Bag Milk and Dark Nonpareils A Josh Early staple! The perfect 4 oz sampling of our world famous red and green nonpareils.

2-peice Sampler Box of Milk and Dark Chocolate Mousse Based upon five generations of family traditions and recipes, our chocolate mousse truffles are made by an entire team of chocolatiers. One group creates the perfect tempered chocolate, another group measures, cooks, and shapes our mousse, and yet another group enrobes the mousse centers with the tempered chocolate. The result is a 'lighter than air' confection that melts in your mouth with pure chocolate goodness and strong earthy cocoa flavors.