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This season, treat yourself to handmade chocolates from Josh Early Candies. We use time tested family recipes to make the finest confections you'll ever taste. This gift box features the perfect assortment of all our most popular candies and nuts.

Whether you are filling your own Josh Early Candy craving, or being introduced to our chocolates for the very first time, this is the perfect assortment for any chocolate lover.


17 oz Gift Box This elegant 17 oz. assortment of chocolates offers a rich variety of our milk and dark chocolate centers including creams, caramels, peanut butter, nougats, coconut, and chews. Packaged in a one-layer gold box.

13 oz Assorted Salted Nuts These are not your grocery store nuts. Only the freshest and finest nuts make it into our assortment. Each cup is packed with a perfect blend of tastes and textures that offers something for everyone. We start with our most popular jumbo whole cashews that are roasted weekly in small batches. Then we add California almonds which present the perfect balance of salty and sweet. To that we add freshly shelled pecans, walnuts and brazils and finish the assortment with a few scoops of fresh roasted filberts. Taste for yourself and you'll see why we delight in the reaction of first time tasters.

10.5 oz Milk Nonpareils Nonpareils are a historic decorative confection made of tiny sugar balls. In fact, there are 18th-century American recipes for frosted wedding cakes which use nonpareils as decoration. While many people pair nonpareils with chocolate, the right combination is hard to perfect. This is one of Josh Early's first labors of love and one of his obsessions. Too many nonpareils and the confection is too sweet. Too much chocolate and the nonpareils become over powered. We think you will agree that his perfectionism paid off with these milk chocolate nonpareils. We STILL make them with the same machine we used generations ago which creates the perfect contrast of smooth chocolate and crunchy sweetness. Nothing has changed from 1900's and as you will taste, nothing needs to.

3 oz Milk and Dark Peanut Butter Cups A delightful little cup of our tasty peanut butter inside of a thick chocolate shell guaranteed to delight your senses. Try one of our Peanut Butter Cups and you'll soon find yourself wanting more.

7.5 oz Milk and Dark Assorted Caramels The mark of a good chocolatier lies in their ability to create a truly great caramel. The clean, buttery taste combined with a velvety texture make our caramels stand far above the rest. This 15 piece assortment features the perfect sampling of our caramels including milk and dark vanilla caramels, chocolate caramels and vanilla nut caramels.