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This Easter we hand selected our most popular Easter candy and packaged them into this FREE SHIPPING assortment. This gift box features a wide variety of all our most popular Easter candies including: 7 oz gold gift box of assorted egg shaped chocolates, 16 oz milk Easter nonpareils, 8oz tray of our colored drizzle eggs, 11 oz gift box of our famous peanut rolled eggs and a 10 oz box of foiled chocolate eggs. Whether you are filling your own Josh Early Candy craving or making your own Easter basket this season, this is the best assortment bunny can buy. This assortment comes with Free Shipping to all of your friends and family with no limit.


7 oz Gold Gift Box Assorted Egg Shaped Chocolates The perfect sampling of our bite size Easter eggs, these centers are hand-made with only the finest ingredients like creamery butter, fresh roasted peanuts and the finest vanilla extract. This gift box is filled with all our most popular eggs including milk and dark chocolate coated coconut creams, peanut butter creams, shredded coconut, vanilla butter creams and white peanut butter truffles.

16 oz Milk Easter Nonpareils Our reputation for Nonpareils is unsurpassed, so we created these custom-designed Nonpareils, just for Easter. In addition to the heady taste of the milk chocolate; the pink, purple, and yellow candy colors will pop out from any Easter basket.

8 oz Tray Colored Drizzle Eggs Not sure which of our special Easter eggs to order? Try one of each in this special assortment box. With nine of our customers' favorites including vanilla butter cream, chocolate butter cream, peanut butter cream, chocolate fudge, coconut cream and shredded coconut, you just can't go wrong.

11 oz Gift Box Peanut Rolled Eggs It wouldn't be Easter without Josh Early Candies Peanut Rolled Eggs. When you open this box, the aroma of pure unadulterated chocolate hits you first, followed by the rich intoxicating smell of freshly roasted peanuts. The scent will lure you in and before you know it, you will have popped one in your mouth. Taste for yourself what has made Josh Early Candies a tradition in households across the country.

10 oz Box Milk Foiled Chocolate Eggs Creamy, rich, and delicious, these brilliant gem-like colored foiled eggs are a 'must-have' Easter candy.