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This chocolate gift box is the perfect introduction to Josh Early Candies. For five generations we have been a family owned company, however we've never put together a chocolate gift box with a sampling of all of our customer favorites. Rest assured it was not easy to come up with the favorites.

"It wasn't easy putting some chocolates in while leaving others out, but we felt that these chocolate gift boxes were the best overall representation of what we have to offer. Every bite tells the story of Josh Early Candies. My father would be proud to see his name on these new packages because they stand for everything he stood for: the highest quality chocolates at a very reasonable price." -Marcy Early-Dobil (4th Generation Candy Maker)

Ultimately, this chocolate gift box is a reflection of our company's heritage and what has made us the recipient of the "Best Chocolates" in the Lehigh Valley for 13 consecutive years.

"We have a 100-year history of satisfying customers. We don't have anyone assigned to handle customer complaints because we've never had the need. If a customer is dissatisfied, in all likelihood the complaint will be handled by me, the owner. Plain and simple." -Barry Dobil, Sr. (4th Generation Candy Maker)

The recipient of this chocolate gift box will receive a full package complete with a Golden Box of our 100% handmade Assorted Chocolates, a tub of our specially selected and hand-roasted nuts, a generous portion of our milk nonpareils, and our legendary fresh dark and milk cordial cherries. Taste for yourself, and see what has made Josh Early Candies a family favorite for over 100 years. This chocolate gift box is being introduced at $55 and comes with Free Shipping to all of your friends and family with no limit.


9.5 oz Gift Box This decadent assortment contains some of the finest handmade chocolates in the world. Each piece has been carefully selected from our variety of over 400 chocolates to tell a story of a simpler time when chocolate was made fresh from high quality ingredients with a careful attention to detail. Each piece is generously coated with our milk and dark chocolate offering a perfect complement to the flavors inside. Within this box of chocolate you will find centers including creams, caramels, peanut butter, nougats, coconut, and chews for your taste buds to explore.

8.5 oz Assorted Salted Nuts These are not your grocery store nuts. Only the freshest and finest nuts make it into our assortment. Each cup is packed with a perfect blend of tastes and textures that offers something for everyone. We start with our most popular jumbo whole cashews that are roasted weekly in small batches. Then we add California almonds which present the perfect balance of salty and sweet. To that we add freshly shelled pecans, walnuts and brazils and finish the assortment with a few scoops of fresh roasted filberts. Taste for yourself and you'll see why we delight in the reaction of first time tasters.

10.5 oz Milk Nonpareils Nonpareils are a historic decorative confection made of tiny sugar balls. In fact, there are 18th-century American recipes for frosted wedding cakes which use nonpareils as decoration. While many people pair nonpareils with chocolate, the right combination is hard to perfect. This is one of Josh Early's first labors of love and one of his obsessions. Too many nonpareils and the confection is too sweet. Too much chocolate and the nonpareils become over powered. We think you will agree that his perfectionism paid off with these milk chocolate nonpareils. We STILL make them with the same machine we used generations ago which creates the perfect contrast of smooth chocolate and crunchy sweetness. Nothing has changed from 1900's and as you will taste, nothing needs to.

4 oz Milk and Dark Cordial Cherries Creating a liquid filled chocolate takes a lot of practice and our candy makers would agree that this is one of the hardest chocolates to make by hand. Each one of our cordial cherries is a masterful work of art created by an heirloom candy process that requires thorough training. Each individual maraschino cherry is spun in a special bowl with a sugar glaze, then hand-dipped in chocolate and, one by one, carefully placed in individual cups. It takes up to 6 months before our candy makers become proficient in this delicate process. Even after the labor intensive process of hand coating each cherry, they are still not ready to eat. We let them sit (only for a few days) so the sugar breaks down to create that perfect silken cherry cordial liqueur. You just can't rush anything this good.