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Named one of Good Housekeeping's Top Gifts, our Sea Salt Caramels were the inspiration behind this assortment. Using family heirloom recipes, Josh Early Caramels are distinct: they offer a bold rich flavor with delicious buttery caramel notes. You can read more about Josh Early Caramels in our "Sea Salt Caramels" blog post.

This assortment features all of Josh Early's most popular caramel centers including: the original vanilla caramel, vanilla nut caramel, chocolate caramel and the new sea salt caramel. Whether you are being introduced to our chocolates for the first time, or continuing the Josh Early tradition (now 5 generations old), this is the ultimate gift box for any caramel lover. This package is being introduced at $35 and comes with Free Shipping.


5 oz Milk and Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels As featured in Good Housekeeping Magazine. We took our time-tested family recipe for caramels and gave it a little twist. We paired our vanilla caramel with a gourmet sea salt that is hand harvested in France. The resulting combination of sweet and salty give a whole new flavor profile to our already famous caramels. The salt adds texture while making the rich caramel flavors pop! Packaged in a 9-piece gift box of assorted milk chocolate and dark chocolate caramels.

4.5 oz Milk and Dark Vanilla Caramels The mark of a good chocolatier lies in their ability to create a truly great caramel. The clean, buttery taste, combined with a velvety texture make our caramels stand far above the rest. This 9-piece assortment features the perfect sampling of our vanilla caramels coated in both milk and dark chocolate.

4.5 oz Chocolate and Vanilla Nut Caramels This 9-piece assortment includes our vanilla nut caramels and chocolate caramels coated in both milk and dark chocolate.